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Oman is country steeped in culture and nowhere is this more evident than during the wedding ceremonies that take place there. In this fascinating country there are in general two types of wedding ceremonies that take place, traditional Omani weddings and more modern ceremonies.

Traditional Weddings in Oman
The marriage process in Oman starts with the groom seeking permission from the bride’s family followed by an official proposal. After this, there is the arrangement of the dowry and then the writing of the wedding contract. On signing this, the couple are formally married although everyone involved naturally welcomes the celebration.

The biggest feature of the traditional Omani wedding is that the bride and groom start the ceremony in two different places. The groom with his family and friends will sit outside, eat and dance, celebrating in what is called the waleema. In terms of dress, you can expect to see the groom in traditional clothes, often the men will be carrying swords and the bride is likely to wear a heavily embroidered and colourful dress.

Dancing, eating and celebrating also take place amongst the bride’s group although the festivities take place inside. After the feast, the groom will set out in procession to collect the bride and take her either back to the groom’s residence or to a hall or hotel where the party continues until the break of dawn.

Modern Weddings in Oman
With increased westernisation there has been a slight change in how some weddings are conducted. Rather than the distinctly separate ceremonies of the traditional wedding, modern weddings see male and female guests mingling much more, although headscarves and abayas are still typically worn by female guests as is the custom of covering up in front of male non-family members. The bride’s dress is typically also different, as more brides in Oman choose to opt for the white dress, over the colourful traditional attire.

Where to have weddings in Oman

Luxury hotels in Oman have become increasingly popular places to hold intimate weddings of up to 60 persons indoor as well as outdoors. For those looking to get married in Oman, The Chedi Muscat hotel offers gourmet food, expert wedding planners and beautiful settings for both types of wedding. This, combined with luxurious accommodation, a relaxing spa and exemplary service make The Chedi Muscat an excellent choice.

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  1. I hadn't considered Oman as a possible wedding location but after exploring Muscat in February I could see how being surrounded by such opulence would make for an amazing wedding. Just be sure to visit between October and April... Summer can get VERY hot!


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