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When things go unexpectedly

It wasn't supposed to be the busiest day this noon for the family. Have to get up around 8am to get ready for my partner's long-waited toe appointment. It went well, just have to get him to work as he is needed to fix some works they had previously. As for me and my son, we have to give my MIL a ride home after we drop off the man of our house.

When all of a sudden, the car broke down. This wasn't the first time it happened. First was earlier this week when I received a very unusual text from my partner him being home from work that early evening. He never mentioned it in detailed that time, until he got home as he was given a ride by his sister.
photo not mine
I would say, today would be the second time around when our 20 years old Honda Accord broke down to us. I mean, it would be a blessing that hubby is still with us when the gear breaks all of a sudden.  Now the fun part begins, of course we are on the road heading to my husband's work, when one of his co-worker was there and helped us push the car towards the side of the road.

Give as a quick ride to their shop, and from there hubby needs to get to his work and my son and I were left in our old apartment where I am very thankful that one of my husband's sisters went to a rescue. She did save us from getting our home safe as well as to my mother in law.

Sometimes, you can't please fate. It's a matter of how you deal with it and call out for help to the family you have in life.

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