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5 Easy Ways to Give Your Living Room a Modern Touch

You remember that remodel you wanted to do right before you found out you were expecting your first child? If you are now on baby number three, and you are still dreaming about the remodel, it is safe to say it is not going to happen in the near future. When kids are in the picture there is always a more important expense. Not to mention, who has the time? Can you imagine your home being torn apart right now? Well, just because you can't do the remodel you long for does not mean you can't trick your eyes into thinking that you did. Below are a few easy ways to make your living room a bit more modern.

1.      Paint An Accent Wall - Don't panic; it is only one wall! You can easily keep the kids away from one wall until it dries. Paint has the power to catapult your room into the current design era. What color are you really feeling right now? There is no wrong answer! Whether it is lime green, lavender, or charcoal gray, you can make it work.

2.      Mount a Fireplace - A bio fuel wall fireplace is exactly what your room needs. When lit, you enjoy  the warmth and ambiance, but even when not in use, it is a stunning piece of art. You just pour the fuel in and ignite. There is no smoke, no cleanup, and no toxins, and it is the first thing your guests will notice. Since it's on the wall, it is out of reach of curious fingers. You can get a modern looking fireplace at stores like Ethanol Fireplace Pros.

3.      Area Rug - If you have wood floors, then an area rug might not be at the top of your list. However, if you have carpet that has seen better days, a bold rug will draw attention away from those trouble spots.

4.      Pillow Covers - Now that you painted your accent wall, incorporate that color in a few pieces of d├ęcor. Decorative pillows are the easiest option, but you don't have to buy new pillows. Just buy covers. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can make them. These will cover up the stains from spilled juice and greasy popcorn fingers.

5.      Modern Lamp - A cool new lamp can actually have a pretty big impact on a space. Even a fresh shade can make a lamp look like it's new.


  1. These are very helpful tips Mommy N :-) Our living room needs to remodel as well. I keep these tips on my mind.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I guess I can be my own interior designed because of them. LOL! Fireplace though is the only thing I can'd do. :D

  3. That's beautiful, wish I have a fireplace at home.


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