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How to Prevent the Effects of Hay Fever in the Office

These days, it seems like more and more people are suffering from the effects of hay fever.  Yet, it’s not necessarily pollen that’s causing these allergy outbreaks. Experts believe increases in vehicle emissions, and even food additives could be contributing to the increase in hay fever type symptoms. So how can you reduce the likeliness of this occurring in your workplace? It may surprise you to hear that common dust particles are one of the main culprits, so you could start by hiring a professional cleaning company such as AMC Brisbane and perusing these five tips to make your office a sneeze-free zone.

Pot Plants
Why not replace those high maintenance plants with imitations? They don’t need watering or feeding and look just as good as the real thing - and there’s no risk of a pollen outbreak with fake shrubberies. Just ensure that you regularly wipe down your plastic plants so you don’t get a build-up of dust (which will set off your hay fever symptoms again) and you should sneeze-free in no time at all.

Reduce Stress
Numerous medical researchers and scientists have established a link between stress and hay fever symptoms, so it might be a good idea to chill out a bit more. This doesn’t mean that you need to install a flotation tank or meditation room in the office, but regular deep breathing exercises, opportunities for staff to de-stress and ‘get in the moment’, and accessible stress balls may assist in managing symptoms.
Reduce Perfume Use

If you’ve ever walked into a lift of enclosed space after a person wearing heavy aftershave or perfume has been in there, or you’ve worked with a colleague who’s a touch heavy-handed with their cologne or scent, then you know how overwhelming it can be for the nostrils and eyes. But how do you address the problem without causing embarrassment? Perhaps suggest a designated day where the entire office goes scent-free (antiperspirants are excluded, of course) as part of an awareness drive for allergen sufferers.

Regular Filter Maintenance
Air-conditioners can be a help and a hindrance when it comes to hay fever. When the filters are well maintained, everyone's a winner because an efficient filter will separate out minute dust particles and pollen from the air. Poorly maintained filters will make everything worse for the allergen sufferer, pushing dirty air that’s clogged with impurities all around the office. Be sure to implement a regular filter maintenance program to ensure that your air-conditioners are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Reduce Alcohol Intake
Another surprise link is that between excessive alcohol consumption and hay fever symptoms. Many beers and wines contain histamine, a chemical which can set off allergic reactions, so perhaps it’s time to reduce your intake at this end-of-the-week drinks sessions? 

What are your suggestions for reducing hay fever symptoms at the office? Which time of year do you most suffer from this condition? Post your ideas below and contribute to the discussion. 


  1. Very good tips. I think medyo mababa na ang kaso ng hay fever sa atin.

  2. My sons sometimes have allergic reactions to dust, not everytime, but once in a while. I do dust the house everyday, even if I should just be catching up on sleep. These are great tips. I will tell the hubby about reducing alcohol intake. He is a casual beer drinker.

  3. Thanks for the tips. Part of me misses working but another part of me is contented to be staying at home.

  4. Working is fun when our office is clean. It makes us concentrate with our work and will help us a lot of stuff done during the day than working in a dirty office which is unhealthy. Thank you for these tips Mommy N.

  5. When i get Free Time I am doing regular deep breathing exercises in my office and try to Be healthy!!


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