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Sweatpants Are Fashionable – Hallelujah!

Fashion trends come and go. Sometimes it’s exciting to see the trends are dying and new ones emerge. Then, there are times when a trend comes back in style and everyone is ecstatic. It didn’t take long for people to embrace the Birkenstock trend. Why?  Comfort and fashion are people’s best friends. That is one reason why the new sweatpants trend is amazing. Sure, it might be surprising, but most people are embracing it.

What’s So Great About Sweatpants?

Why is everyone so happy that they can wear sweats and look fashionable?  The most obvious reason is because people have been waiting for this trend to be acceptable for decades. It’s very satisfying to know that it is now in style. Most people are jumping on the bandwagon and purchasing a pair of their favorite color of sweats. While you are at it, you might want to invest in a few weatherproof jackets.

Examples of the Popularity of Sweats

Sweats have been popular for decades. Everyone from celebrities to the housewife seems to own a few pairs. Here are a few popular examples:

Robert Downey Jr. became a prisoner because of his drug problem after his Oscar nomination in 1992.
Anything related to Eliot Spitzer
A huge hole vs. Bruce Wayne

Sweatpants in the Past

In the past, sweatpants have been largely associated with people that are unemployed or mustard stains. They are the clothing option people turn to when they need something to lounge in.

Sweatpants Today

However, sweatpants have evolved a lot recently. They are no longer something that makes you look out of date or lazy. Instead, they are actually quite cool. More and more people are turning to sweats for their everyday wardrobe. And, they are not wearing them around the house. They actually create stylish outfits around these basic pants. GQ recently commented that sweatpants and a blazer are considered an outfit. They called it, “an up-to-date fall look. Imagine that?

Benefits of Sweatpants

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize why so many people are embracing this new trend. The second you pull your sweats out of the dryer, they are arguably the most comfortable piece of clothing you could put on. They are warm, soft, unrestricting, and cozy. You can perform just about any activity in them – given that it’s not too hot outside. Even better, there are plenty of different sweatpants to choose from. Some people like colored options. Others prefer ones that are dressier. They also make ones that are more tapered. 

If you do not own a pair of sweatpants, shop online for the right pair today. You might even want to buy more than one. Putting on jeans will probably seem difficult after spending a few days in sweats. 


  1. I always find sweatpants fashionable, and I'm not scared of wearing them in public!

  2. It depends on the kinds of sweatpants, some are fashionable but some are not.

  3. This is something I really love to wear while doing some runs.


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