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3 Best Exercise To Assure Fitter Pregnancy

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Exercises are really beneficial when one is pregnant. A regular workout session not only makes you & your baby fitter but also assures a positive frame of mind for the would-be moms- releasing them from the nasty clutches of frequent mood swings. In fact, it would be easier to get back to your previous shapely portfolio post pregnancy if you are into a regular exercise routine. Don’t worry, exercises aren’t dangerous for the little one inside you. According to doctors, pregnant women into regular exercise have lesser chances to experience issues in later stages of pregnancy & during labor. Below are 3 exercises that are safe for pregnant women. 

1.     Exercise For Stomach Strengthening

As the baby gets bigger within your womb, it’s usual for the pregnant mommy to experience backache. Thus the doctors advise to take to stomach strengthening exercises which will strengthen the abdominal muscles, assuring good relief to your backache.

·        Start in box posture with the knees placed under your hips & hands under the shoulders- the fingers should face forward & abdominals must be kept lifting up for keeping the back straight.
·        Pull in the stomach muscles & raise the back towards ceiling, curl up your trunk & allow the head a gentle relax forward. Don’t lock the elbows.
·        Hold on for few seconds & then gradually get back to box posture.
·      Don’t hollow the back- the back must always get back to neutral/straight position.
·        Follow the exercise rhythmically and slowly ten times, making the muscles work good & make sure to move the back carefully.

2.     Pelvic Tilt Workout

·        Stand up with the bottom and shoulders against wall.
·        The knees must be kept soft.
·       Pull in the tummy towards the spine and make sure the back gets flattened against wall. Hold the position for 4 seconds & then release.
·        Repeat the exercise for 10 times.

3.     Pelvic Floor Workout

Pelvic floor workout helps to power up pelvic floor muscles that come under huge strain in times of pregnancy & delivery. Pelvic floor comprises of muscle layers which stretch up as a good supportive hammock right from pubic bone to backbone end. In case the muscles at the pelvic floor are weak, the pregnant women might experience urine leak during sneezes, strain or cough. It’s pretty common and there is no reason to feel embarrassed here. The situation is called stress incontinence.

The pelvic floor workout helps to strengthen muscles and helps to lower chances of stress incontinence post delivery as well. All pregnant mommies are advised to take up this particular exercise even if they aren’t experiencing stress incontinence situation.

·        Close up the anus part as if you are trying to stop bowel movement.
·        Simultaneously draw in the vagina much like as if you are gripping your tampon – same with the urethra.
·        In the initial stages you have to be really quick with the exercise where you have to tighten & release your muscles immediately.
·        But you have to get slow afterwards where you will count up to 10 as you hold the contractions & then release the muscles gradually.
·        The doctors advise to get 3 sets of 8 pelvic floor squeezes every day.

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