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Give a Personalized Gift This Christmas

Giving a personalized Christmas gift makes the recipient feel special. She’ll know that you took a little extra time to pick out and create a gift just for her.

Name and Picture 
To create the perfect personalized Christmas gift, have the recipient’s name engraved or printed on something she’ll use often. If you’re buying for a coffee lover, have her name printed on a mug. Newlyweds will enjoy a picture frame with their wedding date engraved on it. 

You can go even further and have something created using a picture of the recipient or the recipient’s family. Calendars that have a different personal picture for every month are gifts that people will enjoy throughout the year. 

How to Use Pictures to Personalize Christmas Gifts 
If the person you’re creating a personalized gift for having kids, consider having his kids’ names and pictures printed on the gift. An adult may not want a picture of himself on a coffee mug, but he’ll use it every morning if you put a few cute pictures of his kids on it.

One of the best things about giving a personalized gift is that the person that receives it probably doesn’t already have one. Your dad may have ten coffee mugs, but he probably doesn’t have one with a grandchild’s picture on it.

Special Christmas Gifts 
Christmas lends itself to these special types of presents since it’s a time of year when memories are made. One good gift idea is to create a Christmas ornament the recipient will cherish for years to come. For example, if she’s recently had a baby, have an ornament personalized with the year and the new baby’s name on it.

Another great Christmas gift to personalize is a stocking, and stockings don’t have to be just for people. Keep your friends’ four-legged-friends in mind when Christmas shopping. If you’re buying for a pet lover, she’ll love a stocking personalized with her dog’s name that’s filled with dog treats.

Personalized gifts, such as the ones you can find at, help make gift giving a little easier at Christmas. They are unique ways to show friends and family that you care and took the time to pick out a gift that is perfect for them.

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