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Protect Packages While Shopping

Whether shopping for the holidays, heading to the mall for back-to-school clothing or running errands around town, consumers often leave packages in their vehicle unattended. Sometimes, it is easier to run a handful of bags out to the car rather than struggle with them while wandering the mall. People may have several different stops to make, requiring them to leave newly purchased items in the vehicle. Many people believe that if the packages are stolen, their car insurance will cover the cost of them. However, this may not be the case.

Comprehensive Coverage
When you obtain car insurance quotes from an insurance agent, you will be given a price for comprehensive coverage. This coverage is designed to cover damage to your car as well as the loss or theft of any equipment attached to it, such as a radio. However, it will not cover the value of possessions within the vehicle. In most cases, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance may cover the lost valuables, but even they have limits as to what is covered. Some homeowner’s policies only cover up to ten percent of the property value, although the average coverage is between 50 to 75 percent of the coverage amount of property within the home. The policies also have deductibles which could be as high as $500, which may prevent you from replacing those items.

Credit Card Protection
One way to protect purchases that could be stolen from your vehicle is to file a claim under the free protection benefit offered by many credit cards. Most cards cover purchases made by the card within 90 days. American Express covers up to $1,000 per loss for some of their cards and does cover losses in vehicles. However, some credit cards exclude items stolen from vehicles in their protection plans, so it is important to read the fine print.

Secure Your Car
The best way to insure that your purchases are safe is to secure them properly in your vehicle. Park as close as you can to the store or mall, preferably under a street lamp. If you are driving a small car, avoid parking between large vans or SUVs when possible so your car is more visible. Police say that the majority of thefts from vehicles occurs because the car was unlocked. Close all the windows and lock the doors, including the sunroof. Don’t leave valuables visible in the car. Place phones, music players and GPS devices in consoles or glove boxes. Be sure to place charging cords in hidden areas as well. If your car has a trunk, place all packages in the trunk out of sight. If you drive an SUV, use the cover that often comes standard to keep  the packages hidden. If you carry packages to the car and return to the store, move to a different parking space, if possible. Criminals may be watching vehicles and you return to the store indicates you are not leaving soon.

These tips can help keep your newly purchased items safe from criminals, whether it is bags of holiday gifts or groceries for the next week. By being aware of your surroundings and understanding limits of your car, homeowner or credit card policies, you can be better prepared the next time you visit the mall.


  1. Yes sis! We must protect our packages while shopping and never leave them unattended because we never know that someone around us is already spying for our items.

  2. Car insurance is such an important commodity for car owners. It is like a blanket during cold season.


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