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Travelling On Holiday When You Are Expecting A Baby

When you are travelling abroad or going on holiday, you will need to be careful and make sure that you look after yourself properly. Travelling can be quite exhausting, especially if going to some far flung exotic location, so you need to make sure that you do not put too much stress and strain on your body, You will find as well that most airlines will not allow a pregnant woman in her third trimester, unless it is an emergency and you have the proper medical certificates to approve travel. Even then it is all down to the individual airline and they may still refuse you. You do not have this problem if you choose another means of transport such as a car or ferry or even a bus.
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Travelling Restfully

One very important tip for not only travelling if you are pregnant is to choose good comfortable and supportive footwear. If you are sitting down for extended periods of time, then you should try removing your shoes and socks and allow the circulation back to your feet. If at all possible, try and walk around a bit every now and then to give your circulation that extra boost as well. If on a long haul flight, then you should try and sleep as well, also making sure that you keep properly hydrated as the air conditioning in the plane will dry you out. Dehydration is one of the main causes of jet lag which is why t is recommended not to drink alcohol and caffeine when flying long haul. If you are travelling in your own car, then you will want to take regular breaks to walk to the bathroom and stretch your legs, and maybe to satisfy any cravings that you may have!

Dress Appropriately 

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Always make sure that you know what the climate is like exactly before you travel. This will help you get the correct clothes which will help you to feel more comfortable. If you are looking to go away in a warmer climate, then you may wish to choose to buy online from specialty online stores. You could find some maternity clothes from Bump Baby and Beyond which are made out of 100% cotton, as this will help you to keep cool. Avoid darker colors which will also help prevent mosquitoes and make sure you do not get bitten by any creepy crawlies.

What to Eat?

Depending on which country you visit, you may wish to be careful of the local food and water. All foods and water contain microbes. You naturally build up a resistance to these so they do not affect you, visitors who do not have a resistance, though may get mildly sick, and so it is the same for you when you go abroad on holiday. Dairy produce, tap water, ice, meat or fish - these can all affect you and make you feel uncomfortable if you have a delicate constitution and by avoiding some of these things, or introducing them slowly into your system you can avoid making yourself sick and be able to enjoy yourself while you are there.

Enjoy it, but not too much!

We all need to unwind and have a holiday every now and then. When you are pregnant, you need to relax and enjoy yourself, but also make sure that you do not over do things. Take plenty of rests where you can sit down and rest your feet, drink plenty of bottled water to keep hydrated and also eating good healthy food while you are away. Remember, you are not only looking after your health, but that of your unborn child as well.

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  1. Traveling when you are expecting is pretty much possible as long as you are ready with things and stuff that you need just in case.


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