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What's the Difference: Should Baptism and Christening Gifts Be the Same?

There are quite a few of us who find it a bit confusing distinguishing between a christening and a baptism ceremony.

This confusion can then lead to a bit of uncertainty as to what special gift you should buy and what is appropriate for the specific occasion being celebrated.

The fundamental point to make straight away, is that a baptism and a christening are not actually dissimilar, they are simply different words to describe what is really just the same event. It is true that in past times there was indeed a difference between the two, but in the modern world, when most people refer to a christening, they are actually talking about a baptism. 

Choosing an appropriate gift
Having cleared up the confusion, the question then moves to whether baptism and christening gifts are the same as well and what is appropriate to give to someone as a way of celebrating such a special occasion.

You will find plenty of appropriate gifts at sites like and if you are perhaps trying to find something traditional to mark the event, there are certain gifts that work is well received and the choice can sometimes be narrowed down by whether it is a boy or girl being christened.

A baptism gift for a boy could be something like a money box, which can be something modern like a sports car shaped bank and for a girl, something pretty and shiny is always going to be a treasured item to keep.

Gifts for the occasion
If you are taking a more modern approach to gift giving for this special occasion, a gift like a wooden Noah’s ark is another popular choice, and can be given to a girl or a boy.

Other options can include a cuddly toy that they can enjoy during their early childhood and provide a daily reminder of your involvement in their life and the gift you gave to them. Other people want to try and find a gift that is perhaps a safer option and considered more traditional to arrive at the ceremony with.
There are certain gifts that are created with a christening in mind and a good example of this would be a silver photo frame that is engraved with the word christening or baptism on it and the child’s name as well.

You might also want to consider buying a special photo album that is designed to commemorate the event and can be used to put photos of the christening or baptism in it afterwards.

Special day
Regardless of whether the event is being referred to as a baptism or a christening, it is a special day and one that calls for a special gift to be purchased so that you can celebrate and remember the event for years to come.

Whether you decide on a more traditional style of present or something more modern like a special cuddly toy, there is little doubt that it will still be a special day and provide everyone with some great memories when they look back at a later date on the child’s life.


  1. Aren't they just the same? My kids both have bible as Baptism gifts from their GodParents.

  2. I guess for as long as it will benefit the recipient, the parents and the kid will appreciate the gift. :)

  3. Will definitely keep these tips in mind
    thanks! will share this too!

  4. I consider both words similar. Sometimes I use baptism and sometimes Christening. Good to know about those gift ideas. Never would have thought about some of them.

  5. My kids were both baptized in the Philippines when they were babies. They never received any baptism gifts but that is ok for me. I am just happy that Philippines is always part of their childhood memories.

  6. Yes, I agree, Baptism and Christening are one and the same thing. I usually have a hard time thinking of baptism gifts to give to the celebrant, so I end up just giving money sealed in an envelope. You have provided good gift ideas here for Christening. I'll keep these things in mind the next time I get invited to a baby's Baptism. Thanks!

  7. Bible is a good for Baptism. BTW, sa amin ang Christening is somewhat similar sa dedication.


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