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Work Wear Essentials: 6 Items Every Woman Should Own Before 30

When I was in my early twenties, I managed a cafe in the west end of an urban center of a French city, and I had the good fortune of being employed by a woman who was full of really good advice.

She told me that we can tend to run amok and make messes in our twenties, figure it out in our thirties, and leverage our experience in our forties. Eventually, most people acquire enough life experience along the way to make a decent life for themselves before 45 or 50..

As I get older those words echo in my mind when I make day to day decisions, and I am always trying to make the right steps into the future. Office work wear is no exception.

Instead of yesterday's trendy disposable looks-good-until-about-10-washes clothing, I've become a little more strategic about my work wear purchases.

Image by: Jessica Quirk
Fashion Forward 
I think work wear fashion is one of those areas where in the beginning, we really had little idea what to wear in the work place. We were rebels. Changing up our fashion routine from time to time felt liberating.

We eventually found our groove and now we know what we like, what's practical, what can happen –and we're comfortable with a solid base of work wear for “all seasons”.

Here's a list of the most important work wears essential corporate uniform suppliers find most popular for women heading into their 30's, from top to bottom. So if you're in your late 20's or beyond –read on, sister.

1. Black Blazer 
Black blazers aren't only for Barney Stinson, ladies can suit up, too. After all, why let men enjoy all the simplicity and versatility of a blazer?

Blazers are the most agile fashion item on our list because they're completely evergreen. You can wear them to the office, out for cocktails, and then on to church Sunday morning.

Nothing can ever come close to the blazer –oh no, it is the f-word of fashion, a most dynamic garment.

2. White Office Shirt 
Another tool borrowed from our male Coworkers; a crisp white button up shirt is also incredibly versatile and looks good with just about anything. It's often pretty tough to find a shirt that fits just right, so if you find one –buy a few extra. Trust me.

3. V-Neck Sweater 
A quality thin V-neck cashmere sweater is as stylish as it is practical. They're great in colder months and they are snappy in both neutral or bright colors and patterns.

4. Dress Pants 
Dress pants are probably going to be the biggest staple in your wardrobe, with a number of different kinds ranging from casual to pant suit. And another little nugget about “future you”: You don't own any low-rider pants that you wear at the office.

A solid wool blend is the way to go, because durability is a key component of what makes these pants such an important part of your wardrobe. 

5. Pencil Skirt 
You will most likely own a handful of these, as well. Cotton in the summer, wool in autumn, winter, and spring.

Pencil skirts are popular among 30-something because in their subtle way you can still get your sexy on without looking like you're reaching for it. Now that's versatility.

6. Closed-Toed Pumps 
Until you've been able to learn the ins and outs of your office dress code, it's probably best to leave your sandals and boots at home.

Heels will give you a slightly more commanding presence by adding a few inches to your height, but don't go too tall.


  1. Back when I worked (I'm semi retired now) I made a firm decision never to work in a big corporate environment. As a result I did not have to worry as much! I also did tend to dress on the conservative side anyway. The items above would work in almost any place --but don;t forget to get a couple of cardigans--those offices can get mighty cold and that black blazer might not be comfortable while you are working depending what your occupation is.

  2. Great tips! I am a big fan of Jessica Quirk's blog by the way and the way she dresses up.

  3. These are beautiful ensembles! I like the jeans, the boots, the scarf combination, so me!

  4. Sad to say, I do not have most of these apparel. It is laid-back at my work,


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