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Your New Boyfriend's Birthday: Gift Ideas to Show You Get Him

He’s in your pictures, sleeps in your bed, and has an upcoming birthday.  Your boyfriend is a permanent resident in your life, not to mention a potential husband, so it’s befitting to get him an unforgettable token of affection to celebrate his next birthday.  Of course, buying presents for others involves a bit of anxiety, which will be lessened upon reading about the following gift ideas. 

He’ll be reminded of your gift every month of the year.  Get him a calendar based on a hobby, such as fishing, or intense interest, such as sports cars.  Of course, you don’t have to buy a calendar off the rack; make the gift more personal by using available computer software to make a calendar filled with sexy pictures of you, funny pictures of him, or adorable pictures of the both of you together.

Women love receiving jewelry for any occasion, yet a number of guys have an affinity for watches, rings, and necklaces too.  Get him a piece of jewelry that you’ll enjoy seeing him wear just as much as he’ll appreciate receiving.  Pieces become unique gifts via the extra step of inscription.  Ask an in-store jeweler to write an “I love you” message on the back or inside the piece to make it truly special.

Who doesn’t enjoy eating?  Loving you is sure to work up his appetite, so have his favorite dish waiting for him on his birthday.  Alternatively, take him out to eat in a restaurant he loves.  Also, consider enlisting him in several ‘of the month’ clubs that include beers and wines in addition to some of his favorite snacks or entrees.  Hand select a number of items to arrange a basket, or leave it up to chosen websites to prepare gifts and have them delivered each month to his door.

Concert Quilt
If he’s a music lover, he probably has a number of shirts associated to favorite musicians and particular shows.  However, shirts are the norm, but how many fans can say they have an honorary concert T-shirt quilt to express their allegiance to a specific musician or band?  Get him a concert quilt, so he can snuggle with you while listening to his favorite tunes or while watching a live concert DVD.

Sexy Swimwear
Some gift ideas are doubly rewarding; because, while it’s actually something you can wear, he’s sure to love it too (maybe even more!)  Spencer’s website offers a number of sexy swimwear items for women who aren’t shy about showing some skin off, whether destined for the beach or some fun behind closed doors.

Make him a playlist filled with his favorite songs, movies, and online books.  Borrow his iPod, iPad, or Kindle and fill it with a number of selections you know he’ll love.  Be sure to ask him for any necessary passwords beforehand; tell him you want to download something for yourself.  Then, surprise him by purchasing a number of songs and selections that show you love him as well as your knack for remembering what he likes.

Matthew Law is a personal concierge. He loves writing about what works for him. His articles are available on many gift and living websites.

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