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5 Most Important Skylines in the US

Cityscapes are mostly known for their skylines – those unmistakable shapes in stature, form, and length – that make them stand out from other urban locales. Some of the best cities to live have impressive unique skylines that, along with these cities' amenities, modern transport, job potential, and housing options, are among the reasons to call these cities home. Here are five of the most impressive skylines across the country.

Denver: A Skyline That Comes With Mountains

The Mile High City offers a stunning skyline that reflects the size and symmetry of the Rocky Mountains that stand tall behind it. The buildings of the Denver skyline start out smaller and build to the middle, where the Century Link tower serves as the urban peak. The tallest building is the 56-story Republic Plaza, completed in 1984. The Daniels & Fisher tower, completed in 1910, is considered the city's first skyscraper. Together, the urban and natural landscapes mirror each other and create a multi-dimensional perspective not seen in other skylines.

Dallas: Geometric Skyline

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the Dallas skyline proves that with its oversized geometric shapes, including the brightly lit ball that sits atop Reunion Tower, the 72-story Bank of America Plaza, and the historic Bath House Cultural Center, which dates back to 1930. In addition to the various shapes and heights and the 262 skyscrapers of downtown Dallas, this modern metropolitan marvel uses green neon to outline or draw attention to certain parts of each building for aesthetic effect.
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San Francisco: City on a Hill

This glorious city sits on a hillside overlooking a spectacular bay. Beyond the well-recognized TransAmerica pyramid building that has pierced the sky since 1972, San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, completed in 1937, and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, completed in 1936, to balance both ends of the skyline. Thankfully hasn't always shrouded in fog, it is a sight to behold when the sun shines down on this California skyline with over 440 high-rise buildings, whether you are entering it from one of the bridges, traveling by boat, or viewing it from nearby the Alcatraz Island.

Las Vegas: An Urban Disneyland

What other U.S. skyline comes replete with a pyramid, Eiffel Tower, castle, Italian villa, and oversized Ferris wheel? The urban Disneyland of the Las Vegas Strip offers one of the most memorable skylines in the country, not only because of the incredibly themed architecture, but also because it has the lights and lasers to shine the spotlight on the adult playground. With a skyline that is constantly changing, the tallest building is the Stratosphere Tower, built in 1996, which boasts the tallest observation tower in the U.S. The oldest casino currently operating in the Strip is the Flamingo Las Vegas, which opened in 1946.

Seattle: Space Needle Tops it Off

The Seattle skyline is not just about the trees, although Mount Rainier’s presence in the background does harmonize with this skyline in the Pacific Northwest. Not only is the city architecturally unique with its Space Needle that punctuates the often gray-tinged sky and started the skyline off in 1962, it has everything from sleek skyscrapers, such as the 76-story Columbia Center built in 1985, to historic seaworthy landmarks.

While these are five of the most memorable and unique U.S. skylines, you can find many more of the best places to live that offer breathtaking views and pleasing individual characteristics. All these skylines illustrate the incredible amount of diversity and creativity within this country’s urban landscape.


  1. Wow! I haven't been to any of those places yet! LOL! I wish I can visit all of them, yes not just one but all, someday! :D Maybe I'll start after 2 years, for now I'm stuck taking care of my kids. LOL!

  2. Elizabeth O.4:53 AM

    Beautiful photos. I wish I could visit all those places.

  3. I've never been to any of that places but my mom in law have visited San Francisco and she sure did mention the very nice view at the glorious city of San Francisco.

  4. Nice places to visit and very good info here. Dami kong natutunan today.

  5. Of all these beautiful sky lines Mommy N, would LOVE to visit San Francisco someday. I can't wait to explore that beautiful city. I only been inside their airport.

  6. Oh I can only dream of seeing these places. Wish I will have the chance to do so with my family.

  7. I wish we could travel to all of these cities in the U.S. with magnificent skylines. That will surely be an experience to remember.


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