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It's all about the MONEY...MONEY...MONEY...

YES!!! In order for my family and I travel back to visit my family in the Philippines, I need to accumulate our airfare not just  for one but for the four of us. It isn't easy, especially, when you aren't working a full-time job. I do have sideline income in which I tried to save as much as I can.

It was a dear friend of mine who initiate to save money through using a 52 week money challenge. It is quite hard for me, again because I don't have a permanent income where I can pull it out and save it, however through being wise, I'd be able to come up with some and keep it for my challenge.

I need to cut back all the unnecessary things and think a million times before purchasing something. It is very tough as I used to spend all my money over some unwanted stuff. Later on in time, I manage to be thrifty and here are the savings I have saved for the whole year. I have 1 down and 3 more to go.


  1. Elizabeth O.9:25 AM

    It is tough when you don't have a permanent job, but you are doing well saving from your sideline job. You'll get there and save for your all your fares. Good luck.

  2. 52 week challenge sounds like an effective way of saving, now I need to find extra sources of income lang

  3. I badly need to join that challenge, my husband and I are trying our best to be debt free in 2 yrs. This might be a baby step but in due time can be a big help.

  4. As they say - "you have to do what you need to do". And raising funds for a certain objective happens to be one of them. I'm sure you'll get to your goal in no time :-)

  5. Wow! Great job! I want to join that money-saving challenge! I bet I will be able to save more for air tickets to PH too. ;)

  6. Great idea that 52 Week challenge. Belt tightening talaga is all you need to save some extra money.

  7. I feel you Mommy Nova. I am in the same boat as you,. Traveling for four is not cheap at all.

  8. that is awesome Mommy N :-) I hope you save enough money for your vacation in the Philippines. I wish you all the luck.

  9. Good luck on your money-saving journey.I hope that you'll be able to save enough this year to finally be able to visit your loved ones here in the Philippines.


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