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Kept the broken one ... how did I get a corningware replacement for FREE

Last year's Christmas was one of the Best ever! I received an awesome present from my Late Mother in law which is a Bakeware set from Corningware. It took me days before I finally opened the whole set and was dismayed to see a broken handle. Glad to know that it was less than 30 days before I saw the product damage. It wasn't a big of a deal, however, to make sure MIL's money is worth buying the product I must have to get a non-damage merchandise.

Told my MIL and gave me the Order number to get in touch with the seller. I was pleased that they respond to my email the next day, I was impressed to hear from them that they are willing to send me a new 13x9 inches Bakeware.
the damage handle...closer image

To ensure them that all I want is a replacement, since they covered replacement items as long as it is damaged due to shipment or manufacturers liability.

Anyways, after a couple of email exchanges from the seller, I finally got the last email saying that it's on its way. And I was even happy when my MIL sent me a text that the Corningware arrives.
NEW Replacement for FREE

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