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Lawn Garage Sale in Frewsburg 2015 - we participate

Yearly, our Town allotted every second week of June to be its Lawn Garage Sale. This year again we partake in the community event. Though we have some few items to put out, my late MIL also has some stuffs that we think worth to sell.

It's also a great way to connect with the family from time to time. Seeing as I have nothing else to do but to take care of my children, I told my husband that we can sell some materials we no longer need. I do have a few, some baby clothes that I can't send to my sister because the kind of fabric its made off that is too warm for the baby to wear and given that they don't have winter weather, fleece clothes should be avoided.
taken on the first day of Garage Sales 2015
The Garage Sale starts Friday and ends Sunday. My son still have school, I wish to ditch Friday since I don't know what's going to happen if I will be by myself doing all the work. I was uncertain to take part on Friday. However, my husband's Aunt showed up to help us and she also has some of her items that need to be put out, and so, we tried our luck on the first day.

It was humid, I feel bad for her cause I can't fully stay outside as I have to attend my 5 year old sand my infant's needs. Got to get them ready and so on. Though we sell a few items, it would be awesome to have some assistance.

We resolute to pack the things around 3:30 after my son gets off the  bus,  because of some weather forecast reasons as well. Storm is coming and since there were only two of us, we need to have a head start before it gets here and drench our stuffs.

It was an experience!! I feel exhausted, and I'm sure hubby's Aunt even more. We were alive, we survive I guess that's the most important thing, we manage that day and hope to do it again next year.

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