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Never Will I-print photos from them ANYMORE

A very bad first time experience when I ordered my photo prints at Rite Aid in our area. I usually order my prints at Walgreens, but for some reason that I was convinced with their promotion of $5.99 for 50 prints, I placed my order.

The procedure online is quick, no hassle or whatsoever and little did I know that my photo's experience at the store is terrible. [If only they can speak up for themselves, they'll tell me exactly what they've been through]
How did I know about it? It goes like this, I asked my supportive husband to pick up our son's prescription at the same store where I ordered the prints. I tried so many times to send him the screen shot of the confirmation email that my prints are ready for pick up.

I exchange text message with my husband asking me some information about the prints. I mentioned it was 50 pieces. I never heard after that last text message.

The whole store from the time my husband went to pick up the photo were all told when he came home. The first thing I heard from him was, you won't believe what happened in the store about your order. I was calm to not be aggregated and listen to his story.

When he went to get the photo, first the clerk didn't know where to find them? So that took him more than 5 minutes of waiting, until my husband noticed a photo lying on some area in the store [I don't remember exactly]. There goes violates our rules of privacy. My husband noticed it was ours because he saw his face in the picture.

For some reason, the clerk must've forgotten about printing the rest of the machine must've run out of paper and never check what's going on. Husband waited until the printing is done, so because of the INCONVENIENT they offer a 50% discount.

Wait, they couldn't do that since I did it online and it's already been paid off. So, they give my husband some credit of getting something in the store, where my husband doesn't really need anything that time.

End up getting a chocolate and they credit him for buy one and get one free. Which my husband believes they still get a profit even though they offer and we think that we were being credited, cause it ends up that my husband has to buy something from them.

To make the story short, the first timer will never again order prints from them. Did I cite that half of the pictures that I PAID FOR still didn't have a great result? Truly, what a bad experience I had with RITE AID photo center.

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