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What makes Ozeri's Weight Master Bathroom Scale unique #Review

The minute I knew I could not figure out what's happening with our other bathroom weighing scale, I was thinking that I would rather get another one and solve the problems of the older scale to calm my frustration.

I knew that I'm gaining weight because I never watch or count what I am eating. I need to eat more than my usual amount because I'm breastfeeding and what I ate is what my child eats.
I can tell that sometimes, eating too much is definitely not good and for some reason, this could be my best way to lose weight faster because nursing loses you at least 500 calories every day. That's a lot to shed and as long as I am eating healthy and set my mind on a very strict diet I will be losing all these unwanted weights way before I wean my son.

Enough of that, let's talk about what I recently received from Ozeri. I got a new Weight Master Bathroom Scale to review. I love my old one, but it won't fix the problem right away, I would not have a way of finding out how much I gain every day.
I received the product through the UPS. The packaging is very impressive. No signs of damage, that I am happy I was able to use the product right away.

It is very simple, the scale wrap in a plastic and protected by a cardboard on both sides. It came with a 3 AAA batteries and a very useful manual. Calibrating is very simple, before you use the scale, I would suggest on reading the manual for more detailed instruction on the best way to use the digital scale.

I feel so fancy with its amazing features. It can record your weight, calculates your BMI to provide and help indicate of my body's fat classification. I love the weight differential detection, after I weight it will show me of how much I gain  or lose from the previous recorded weight I have. Makes it easier to tell because of the color alert technology, it comes, GREEN means loss and RED do mean gain.

Another feature it comes is the Auto recognition intelligence, I would say it is a very fancy scale. What does it do? Very simple, whenever I weigh myself or another member of the family whom we recorded our weight it will auto-recognize the users up to 5 unique individuals. It will automatically calibrate with StepOn technology and auto powers off to preserve the battery life.
Also gives me an immediate and flawless results that the minute I step on the scale, as long as you are still the result displays right away. This also has the high capacity sensor up to 400 pounds.

I put our new Weight Master scale, of course, in our bathroom, and we love it. I can now manage to see how much I gain and would be able to control what I ate now that we have a fine and working scale.

Interested? You can purchase the product HERE for a very reasonable price.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

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