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5 Myths About Sleep

Sleep matters. Quality sleep matters even more. It therefore makes a lot of sense to understand what constitutes great sleep, discern the facts from the myths about sleep and understand the things you can do to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Before looking at some of the most common myths about sleep and where reliable information about sleep can be found, it’s important to think about the quality of your bed and sleeping environment. Your bed, and most significantly your mattress, can drastically influence the quality of your sleep. Because of this, it’s wise to learn about the best type of mattress for you, from experts like the professionals at Sleepy’s.

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Some of the most common myths about sleep – are they true or false?

1.  You need at least eight hours per night
Actually, different people function best off different amounts of sleep. Tune into your body to know how much sleep you really need. If you always feel as though you’re going to fall asleep in a dull or less-than-inspiring situation, there is a very good chance that you will benefit from more rest or better quality sleep.

2.  Sleeping more brings health benefits
Sleeping more is a known factor of good health for many people, but scientists are yet to prove whether little sleep is a symptom of poor health or a cause of poor health. What is known is that those who regularly sleep for long periods tend to experience issues such as depression, sleep apnoea and uncontrolled diabetes. These health problems cause sufferers to sleep for longer.

3.  Optimal functioning is possible on little sleep
While we know some high-functioning people,like Bill Clinton and Madonna, are short sleepers, sleep scientists realise that those who rest for just a few hours per night are probably unaware of just how tired they actually are. Having too little sleep never delivers health benefits – your effectiveness decreases, and your performance, judgement and concentration will be compromised. Also, you are more susceptible to illnesses and will possibly face issues related to weight.

4.  If you wake up at night, you’ll feel tired throughout the day
Waking throughout the night does not necessarily mean you will feel exhausted during the day. Studies where people have not been exposed to artificial light show they typically slept three to five hours, followed by a one or two hour period of wakefulness, before returning to sleep for at least four hours. Interestingly, people involved in these studies typically reported feeling incredibly well-rested. When looking to the animal world, there are also many species that follow such a sleep cycle.

5.  The only effective treatment for insomnia is prescription drugs
In many cases, sleep medications are intended to counter sleep issues in the short term. Longer-term issues are often best treated with cognitive behavioural therapy and a range of lifestyle changes, including avoiding caffeine consumption at least six hours before bed time.

Many myths surround sleep. To enjoy a rejuvenating and energising night’s rest, it’s useful to know how you best sleep and which strategies you can put in place.


  1. Elizabeth O.1:18 AM

    Sleep is very important, indeed. I make sure that me and my kids get enough sleep. It definitely has a lot of advantages.

  2. I agree, whenever I have a good night sleep, I perform better during the day.

  3. I would feel great and relax if I have 7 hours of sleep Mommy N. I often wake up in the middle of the night after sleeping couple of hours and end up reading my Nook.

  4. sleep..oh sleep.. I must admit I am insomniac, I normally sleep at 2am but wakes up late too hahha!

  5. I notice lack of sleep affects my mood for the day. That is why i make sure I get enough beauty sleep :)

  6. Don't care about these myths. Basta ako, makakita lang ng things associated with sleep like unan and kumot. Ayun antok na kaagad.


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