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Not on a hiatus

No..No...and No!!! I am not on a hiatus mode. I just have so many things to do outside blogging world. I have so many posts to publish before this year ends, but  my outside sideline is taking too much of my time.

You may be wondering what was the sidelines, I have recently, if you are an avid follower of this blog and the rest of my blogs, I have posted a few of my works. And lately I have been working on an order which are baby outfits and not only that handmade products needs to be keep an eye to make our customer happy and satisfied.

Another way for me to earn was a simple data entry. Not much, nevertheless I'm happy that I have found a different way in order to spend for the upcoming occasions.

So, please pardon my lack of update, however, I have been trying so hard to multi-task just to make sure I haven't neglected either this blog and my other blogs and to ensure that I have some new updates about what's going on. 


  1. Wow, keep it up Mommy Nova. That's great that despite your busy world with motherhood, you are exploring other possibilities.

  2. Elizabeth O.12:23 AM

    That's fine, we all become busy sometimes and skip updating. Glad to know you're still active!

  3. You certainly have a lot on your plate. Good luck on your new business venture, part-time job, and blogging.


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