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Are you looking for a nice porch with more sunlight?

I was astonished to find this porch idea on one of my favorite websites. Since I live in a four season weather, times during the winter I've always sought for a brighter afternoon. It's not helping when you have gloomy days and even if I'd like to have sunlight once in a while it won't help when you don't have a place to hang out and just enjoy those bright blue skies on a winter season.

Anyways, if you are in the process of developing or renovating your place a nice porch like the photos below would be a great idea to add in that plan.

A very warm and comfortable rug and those cozy chairs to be placed in that room is a perfect idea of the whole thing.

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  1. I wish we have that porch. Ours is wide open and it is cold to stay there.

  2. Elizabeth O.8:49 PM

    Awesome idea! I love a bright porch with comfy chairs and sofa to sit on!

  3. That's our future plan, to have a nice back porch.


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