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Time to turn it off...

Okay, this is way, way too late to post, but I figure out I have to share this now before I end up trashing the post I made. This was the time when School of 2014-2015 has finally over. No more walking to the bus stop and picked up my little one after 2 hours in his PreK days.

And today, School year 2015-2016 has begun and it's time to turn these alarm back on. I need more extra time now that I have an infant that I need to attend aside from our student.

What about you? Do you have an alarm set up on your phone?


  1. Elizabeth O.7:59 PM

    When you're kid starts going to school, you do too. Lol, I know the feeling!

  2. I wake up at 4:30 everymorning. MY husband has to leave early for work so I have to wake up too to make lunch and breakfast. By the tiume my kids wake up, I am awake for two hours already. Being a Mom is not easy.

  3. I feel you, sis, and yes, my cell phone's alarm clock is always on during school days. That's to make sure I have enough time to prepare my son's breakfast, school snacks and school lunch.


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