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Tips for Your 2016 Home Improvement Plans

Whatever your plans may be in your home for the New Year, make sure to keep these three factors in mind to achieve the perfect look for any room in the house!

I hope you remember what you learned in Geometry. The impression of curves, lines, and angles can be used to accomplish your desired effect for every room in the house. Below are a few tips and tricks to influence the feel of your home, complete with links to great discount codes for leading retailers that will help you accomplish your desired effect. Curves have the power to provoke a strong, yet soothing atmosphere. Sharp, direct angles portray a sense of power and confidence. Clean, concise lines promote awareness, focus, and productivity!
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The colors used to decorate your home will largely impact moods, productivity, and energy levels. Set the tone in each room by coloring the desired mood in paint, furnishings, and décor! For inviting, calming colors, decorate with deep shades of green, blue, and gray. For peace and positivity, try various shades of violet and soft whites. Use various shades of primary colors to promote creativity, productivity, and confidence.

Don’t forget the greenery! Plants are often overlooked when it comes to decorating, even though they’ve been proven to purify air, raise energy levels, and make us happier! Not only are a few potted plants beneficial, but they’re pretty too! If you’re worried about a plant’s ability to survive in your care, consider adorning your end tables and shelves with plants that are low maintenance, such as the Jade Plant, English Ivy, and the Peace Lilly.

Home improvement and décor can easily become costly if you’re not careful. Before you begin, set a strict budget for yourself and do all that you can to spend as little as possible, without sacrificing quality. For a limitless supply of coupons that you can use in every aspect of your home modifications, check Groupon Coupons for a deal before you pay full price! They offer FREE coupons for top name brands, designers, local merchants, and more! Shop for beautiful furnishing and décor for great deals on Neiman Marcus and Macy’s. Add a personalized touch to any room with the wide variety of décor from Kohl’s. If you have a favorite retailer in mind, chance are, Groupon has a coupon! Search your preference in their search bar and snag a few coupons or choose from one of the comparable suggestions!


  1. Thank you for the tips. Or main concern is our sewage system. It needs to be redone.

  2. Nice tips here...well am just planning to paint a little my room , its the cheapest but can create a great impact :)

  3. Elizabeth O.12:35 PM

    I'm not looking to renovate any time soon, but it sure helps to have tips handy. Thanks for sharing!


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