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Just sharing what I've done lately

I recently have another sideline online, which makes me less more into my blogs lately. I was lucky to find this sideline, because a fellow Filipino here in the USA is in the business. She is in need of a data coder to help her lists all her job-orders into her online stores.

Knowing that she'll have to go to different auction places to find those vintage and antique jewelry, I'm sure she would have no time to do all the listing online.

I'm thankful that through her online stores, I have a few extra bucks that I can collect every month.

These amazing and fine unique jewelries are just eye-catching. It's nice to know someone who can find/determine such unique jewelries that most people would like to posses and buy to collect and acquire it.

Her collection, hobbies turned out to be her business too, I wish that I could do something like that. I'm not pretty good on marketing by myself.

With her permission, I will feature her online stores one of this days, so you'll be able to check whether you want to obtain such piece of her antique and vintage jewelries. 

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