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A Bathroom Development.. My Goal for this Year

One of my main goals this year is to renovate/update our bathroom. I don't mean the once we have right now, as it's been only 3 years since the last time we updated our bathroom. Not in the apartments, but the ones we have back in my hometown.

Yes! I don't remember the last time it was being updated and such, and so I'd like to take my part this time to make some changes. It might be very challenging because I'm 9000 miles away from my project, so to look for a better and nice material towards the whole renovation would be a big challenge.

Anyways, browsing online for some ideas about the project that I'll be initiating soon is a great help. I have ideas of how simple and how can I update and renovate the whole bathroom back in my hometown. has it all, from the layout of some contributors and their newly developed place is quite fascinating. Because they have so many, sometimes I got so many ideas that seem to be over my budget.

Other than most of the ideas they have online,  this one caught my attention. Simple, very nice and it looks like they just use those inexpensive materials.

I would plan for a similar bathroom there. I can't wait to check the prices and hope that things would be quick and simple. 

Transitional Bathroom by Los Angeles Design-Build Firms CCForteza
The new developed bathroom
Photo Credits

Spaces.. this is he old bathroom

Changes of the old and new is not mine

Drawings by Los Angeles Design-Build Firms CCForteza
This layout is very useful that I'm actually printing a copy for future references...


  1. Elizabeth O.1:12 AM

    Can I just magically transform my bathroom into the ones we see in magazines? Lol. I'd love to renovate, it's just too much work.

  2. That's very nice of you to take on this project for your love ones back home.


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