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Driving to a Biometrics Appointment, Asian Store and Back – My first experience to drive in an ExpressWay

Beware, this might be a very long sharing I’d like to take out from my chest. My very first time to drive in a thruway or freeway [I don’t even know what’s the difference of the two], needs to be documented for memories purposes.

For someone who hasn’t driven that far or driven to an expressway would make this story and my experience be so exciting yet scared. The mixed emotions between, are we going to survive this traffic? And then we will make it is just wrecking. 
we made it..took one photo while of the building while waiting for them to be back
Even I don’t know how to start writing and where to begin my story, but I will do my best to give you a very detailed experience.

It was Friday morning, when I figured that I will be driving my BIL and nephew to his biometrics appointment at the Immigration Office in Buffalo, NY. Mind you, this will take 1:35 hour driving excluding traffic, according to the route of the GPS that was given.

I was upset with my partner because he won’t be able to drive us there for the said appointment and so I [who has a driver’s license] has to step up so my nephew won’t miss his biometrics.

I don’t even know what to feel that time. As mentioned a mixed emotion just hits me and in my mind, I have no choice but to do it for my family’s sake.

Friday morning came, drop my son to the bus stop for school and we proceed to our way. The road wasn’t that busy, as it was already passed the traffic hours when we left the house. We leave earlier so we would have enough time to be on time for the appointment just in case there were detours or road work along the way. And there’s a few, but then again, it wasn’t as a heavy traffic because we already passed the busy time.

I don’t mind driving 67-80 miles per hour [yes, I have to admit that I’ve over speed, maybe a few times.. I really don’t remember.. hehehe] because I have to overtake the other car, as long as the windows are close. But when it’s open, it’s deafening.

Moving on, I’ve driven once to Fredonia for my son’s dental appointment. That wasn’t bad at all, I didn’t pass an Expressway then. Driving to Buffalo? Challenging of how busy the road can get, with those other crazy drivers and oh mind you those humongous trucks. Not just one, but hundreds of them. I’ve got to pass a few of them just so you know, and I know being afraid that it might crush us one way of another I tried to block my mind with something else.

Toll booths, terrible. I have to make sure I’m on the exact angle so I will be stretching my arms and body just to get that ticket. There are fat people who feel like they can’t extend a few inches of their body just to help out. There are some who still nice though.

We got missed few of the exits because I can’t hear the GPS says to keep in the lane.  Terrible right?? As new to the streets I figured and even my husband mentioned the even others misses few exits. It was a fun experience though. 
Because we have nothing else to do, I took more selfie with my youngest
We finally arrived to our destination unharmed and on time. New to the parking procedures in Buffalo, I realized that reading signs would help you out there. I figured because we parked on the street side, it’s going to be free. Glad we came out and noticed that I didn’t purchase my parking ticket. Another lucky day, I got to stay for at least 10 minutes before I finally have a parking ticket. Thanks to the lady who passed us and gives us the direction on where to pay for the ticket.

It only took my BIL and nephew at least 20 minutes to their appointment and we headed our way to the Asian Store. It was a little bit crazy because I missed a few exits or I went to the wrong exit at least 2 times. Thanks to GPS who helped us navigate our legal U-turn. I should’ve closed the window so I’ll hear the GPS more.

After the Asian store, it’s time to head back home and this time the Expressway is crazy. More big trucks and hundreds of crazy cars at a high speed is just flying into the road.

Because everyone is out and about, the road gets busy too. I managed to get us out on that 5 crazy lane and finally headed to a 2 lane road. I’m impressed with myself as I’m still calm, yet I did swear a few times along the way. Nevertheless, that experience out there is very memorable.

I would say, I have conquered my fear and now, I am ready for another challenge.

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  1. Elizabeth O.12:19 AM

    Driving for the first time may feel that way especially since you have a lot of places to go to for that day. I'm glad it was a fun learning experience for you all in all.


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