SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN: Cherry Picking for the first time at Walker’s Winery Fredonia, NY | SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN
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Cherry Picking for the first time at Walker’s Winery Fredonia, NY

I’ve been dying to try cherry picking since, because I’m not confident to drive farther and unfamiliar place, this is one of my hindrance. However, recently I have overcome that obstacle in life, when I have to drive my BIL and Nephew to Buffalo, NY for their Biometric Appointment.

I surpass it and now I am eager to drive in a far away place. Yes!! Traffic sucks! I don’t know the new place and ThruWay and ExpressWay suck, because of those monstrous trucks and crazy drivers as long as God blessed our way and I am sure he is with us all the time, I am satisfied to take the wheel.

However, last Saturday on July 2, 2016 – I finally convinced my partner in life to come along with us. Not because I am a wimp to drive, but because I wanted him to be in the picture when our children and my nephew go cherry picking for the first time. Nothing beats the first time experience as the memories will last forever.

Anyways, we left the house about 10:30 and we have to drive to the Walker’s Winery in Fredonia, NY for about 46 minutes. This is according to the mapquest reader, also we did not use our GPS device since my husband knows the place and probably been passing the area because of the nature of his job.

It was nice to be finally on the field, we are actually picking cherries. We have 2 buckets with us. That would give us plenty of cherries to have. Have the ladders because there were so many that is on the top of the small tree.

We picked the Sweet Cherries and we started to eat a little here and there. Honestly, they are indeed sweet as long as you pick the right color and tenderness you will have the perfect cherries.

It took us at least an hour or so to fill one bucket and the other one is above half. Then, we decided to head back to their weighing station to pay. For 17.5 lbs I only paid $30.63 in which I find cheaper not including the cherries we eat along the way, I know I’m bad, but I am hungry.

We headed back home afterwards as it’s already 1:35pm when we left the area. It was fun, our older son did a great job, and the little one is having fun walking around the place. He is too little to just pluck the cherries and not just eat them.  My Nephew did also his part, he seems fine and finally had his cherry picking experience with us.

What about you? Have you done cherry picking? With whom and what your memorable experience while doing it? 

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