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TAGGED TIME: A Red Rose from Me Passed to You

Yup, Tricia of Proud Mommy and Lynn tagged with with this red rose, which actually even my male friends never dared to gave me.... hayy.... were they just unromantic at all? or it just not be seen in my face that I LOVE to receive such flowers.

Please do check your names under, this is also an early Mother's Day Gift for all the mothers.. and for the singles, it's not bad to share my red rose to you all, and to guys as well.

And I want to share this to:


  1. hello.... thanks for tagging me....
    I appreciate that so much...
    Take Care & God Bless...


  2. Hi Nova thanks sa visit ug sa tag...I like it good for mother's day!!! thanks a lot

  3. sis thanks for the tag post nako pag di na nagloloko connection ko sa internet mga 1 week na lagi naglolog connection namin kainis nga eh di pa man nangalahati sa gibuhat nako bigla mawal connection .diyahe tawag ako ng tawag sa smartbro sabi may pupunta raw at aayusin yong antenna namin w8 nman me hangang karon diyos ala naman pumupunta .Minsa natityempuhan ko makaiwan ng message. like karon . thanks ulit
    Tuod diay friend paano ko kaya maclaim yong bayad sa akin ng smorty pinadala na paypal account ko. Eh ala me credit card kc close na lahat namroblema ko karon paano .Baka my alam ka paano maclaim ng alang credit card account.?

  4. Hi Novs although humana ko ani akoa ka ge insert sa akoa old post check it here

  5. Hala oy mali man akoa link nabutang eto pala sa Kikay

  6. Anonymous9:47 AM

    tnx for doing the tag, sis. i'm ok. i'm not at all depressed with my pr, disappointed ra.

    anyways, work is keeping me busy nowadays. hope u're well and good. ingatz.

  7. tnx s comment nov ill grab it away

  8. hi Novs! musta na.. salamat sa tag ha.. i did it already, its in my =)

  9. Anonymous3:04 PM

    thanks sa tag dai...ingat

  10. Thanks for the tag Nova and also for the constant visit...Hubby and I appreciate you! Take care and enjoy your weekend.


  11. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Hi thank you nova dami na ako utang sa u hehhee okies i will post this one to all my blogs thanks....


  12. tenk yu eber so much!

  13. oh, that is so sweet of u! thanks a lot for the rose! love it! :)

  14. Hey novs! Thanks for this one! BTW, kindly edit my URL to my new domain. Already done editing yours. Will be posting this one to my other site: Paki-add nalang pud ha, hehe!

    Thanks a million! Mwaaaahhhhhhhhh!

  15. Salamat kaayo sa rose novs. Tuana ako nagn na post. salamat.

  16. Jillions of thanks, cutie!

  17. Anonymous8:18 AM

    hello sis! thanks sa tag. Ayha pa nako na post. Take care!


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