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5 Money Saving Decorating Tips

No one wants a shabby looking home and like most people, you want your home to always look gorgeous and exude a certain charm. Sadly, decorating a home can be costly. Here are 5 money saving decorating tips that you will surely find valuable. 
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1. Give your current furniture a new look by re-arranging or dressing it:

You can try re-arranging your furniture as a start. Sometimes you only need to move or add few pieces of furniture in creating a drastic change. You can also try dressing your furniture using seat covers. You can postpone the re-upholstering for another time, especially if you still need additional funding.

You can also opt to have different seat covers to match your mood, season, or occasion. It’s like having a different set of furniture each time you change the covers. You don’t need to replace your current set of furniture, you simply need to change the covers.

Take note that your interior decoration must blend well with the seat covers that you plan to have. That way, you don’t need to change your decorations when you change the covers of your furniture. You may need an ample time to plan everything, but you will surely save a lot of money.

2. Take advantage of every garage sale that you see or search online for some cheap finds:

When you happen to see a garage sale on your way home or while walking, don’t hesitate to look around because you might just find something that you can use as home d├ęcor. The good thing about garage sales is that all the items are much cheaper than the discount stores. If you are lucky, you might even find something that practically looks new and only costs a dollar or less.

It is always good to know that you are updated regarding the current market prices of the different merchandise, including the hot selling commodities. When you go shopping, you can immediately tell whether a certain item being sold at a discount price is worth it or not.

3. Plan ahead, ask some advice from your local supplier of materials for home improvement, and do it yourself:

Planning can help you save a lot of money. If you think your home needs improvement and you are tight on the budget, you can start with the areas that bother you a lot.

Draw your plan, review, and repeat if you are still not satisfied. It is better to throw pieces of paper when you revise your plan than throw your money if you suddenly decided to change the ongoing improvement.

You can ask your local home improvement supplier for some ideas or browse the net for some inspirations. You can ask suggestions from your local supplier about the things that you want to improve your house.

If you are skilled enough to handle your own home improvement, then it is best to do it yourself. Even a simple task can cost a lot if you hire someone to do it. You can save the money that you are supposed to pay the worker and use it for your future projects or add it to your emergency fund.

4. The mirror is a powerful tool – use it to your advantage:

If you have a small space, you can use mirrors to make it look bigger than its actual size. A cramped space will instantly look bigger if you mount big mirrors on the wall. The mirror can help create the space that you want to see. You don’t need to tear down those walls, try mounting large mirrors first and save your dollars for a more worthy spending.

5. Let your imagination run wild and create art pieces of trash:

You can convert a tin can into a lovely pencil holder, herb container, or paperweight. You can cut the empty tissue rolls into circles, join them together, paint them, and hang the finished artwork. You just need to make your imagination go wild and start creating your masterpiece using the used containers, bottles, or old stuff. You can browse the net and look for creative and innovative ideas.

You can also try and visit IKEA and see the affordable things they offer. They might have something that may tickle your fancy. IKEA and other similar stores, like Lowes, usually offer inexpensive home decors and other home needs. Save money with IKEA discount coupons and make sure you use Lowe’s discount codes to get the maximum savings when you are shopping at both of these places.

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  1. I love Tip No. 5. There sure are a lot of things we can do with things we consider as trash. Let's reuse, reduce and recycle them.


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