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Goodbye Grams, Thank you for giving me a chance!

The month of December should be one of the happiest month of the year, however last year 2016 was a different from my husband’s family.

My husband’s 91 years old Grandmother whom been his second mother passed away. Things were unexpected and sudden that we will definitely remember her passing as it was on the same day as our second son’s birth date.

We still saw her that morning, and brought our children with us to see her. She didn’t look good, and while seeing her that way my heart cries silently. She’s a very brave woman, truly one of a kind. I wished I’d met her earlier so I would enjoy her awesomeness and also being spoiled on her homemade treats/goodies.

She did live a wonderful life while she was alive, she has so many devotions while she was younger and active too. Sometimes, it is very hard to accept things that happened to us. And even though we will truly miss her physically, we still can communicate with her or to our departed loved one through prayers.  Her time has come to reunite again to our Almighty God as well as to her beloved who departed this earth.

This photo was taken by my son [Dodong] while we are at the funeral. We got there early, but due to the bad weather the funeral became an exclusive since there are people who didn’t make it to see her on her last day.

It was a very nice Lutheran Service, we did have a blessing or service and say our last Goodbye to her.

I’m grateful to have to call her my Grandma too, I will never forget the first day of our meeting. She’s always with us whenever we are celebrations. However, this year it would be different not only for my family, but for the rest of her family as well.

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