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Frewsburg Gala Days 2017

Another year has passed and now we are again celebrating our town’s Gala Days. It started June 14- 17, 2017, I know this because my husband mentioned that they put up the tent by the City Hall where the venue of the event is.

This year, they have the same rides and fewer booths for snacks. Although, the Gala Days were not near as much as big like those county fairs, it is enough to give pleasure to the children and adults who wish to go outside their premises and to wind up and do something.

We went Friday night, and for some reason we could’ve waited for the late hours as the sun is still way up high that everyone is extremely sweating and the brightness of the light just makes you frown all the time.

Don’t want to miss those precious moments and so the husband bought a ticket for the children to use towards the rides. Our youngest weren’t too scare to ride with his brother to a mini ferries wheel. Although, you can see a sign of shyness as they both walk towards the ride.

Next, was the train ride, then Daddy got run out of tickets and so he bought again for $10 more. My husband jokingly exclaimed “ It is so expensive to have kids.” And I replied, “ It is expensive, but it is worth every single penny.”

And so, we proceeded to the next ride which is the Carousel, The Pirate thingy [sorry I really didn’t get what it’s called] it is basically kids can climb to this net building and will end up sliding at the end. Our little one is too afraid to slide and was stocked up there with his Kuya, and so, there goes the father to the rescue. He just needs a little encouragement that everything is okay, and they both sled together.

After all the rides and all the walking, we decided to head home because it’s too hot and there’s nothing more to do as the place is not too big. Got some fried dough and munched it all the way home.

It was fun, the kids most especially, that they enjoyed the rides. 

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