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Philippines Vacation 2017

After 4 years of not being able to visit and see my family in person. The day has finally come that my boys and I will once again spend time with them. The most important part is that my Mama and Papa will be picking us up at the International Airport on the day we landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, along with my sister and her children and his brother in law who is kind enough to pick us up. It would be very difficult for everyone if we didn’t have his car.

photo not mine

It was both our first time to see them in the waiting area and us seeing them waiting for us. The feeling is extraordinary, I don’t want to be corny and so I don’t even remember much because of the excitement.

It took at least an hour drive back to my sister’s place and after all the long travel we have finally home. However, because of the time difference, the 12am will be 12pm in Eastern Time and so everyone is still wide awake. I’m surprised that both our parents were awake until 3 in the morning, they usually asleep or falling asleep. Their tactics was they slept the whole afternoon and before they pick us up so they’ll be able to stay up late. How sweet are they…

I’m just too excited to hand all the present I have for my mother and father and my sister and to her family. All the things that I bought was given to them as I have something waiting for my other members in the family in the balikbayan box that has arrived months ago in Gensan.

The feeling of giving is just wonderful. I’m so happy to see them loving every item that I have given. I’m glad they’ll be able to use them too.

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