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How to fix iPhone in Headphone Mode

I never have problem with my iPhone before, even if I did? I resolved it immediately. Yesterday, I accidentally plunged my phone in the snow and didn’t notice that due to that fall it causes me a minor hitch. Whew!!! I’m lucky still as it didn’t contain some major problem or I will be switching instantaneously (just kidding, as if I have extra).
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I found a few simple and quickest ways to resolve this problem.

Step 1:
Gather a q-tip, or a tissue.

Step 2:
Make sure to clean the headphone socket carefully. If Q-tip is too big, make sure you take some of the cotton or adjust in order to be fitted in the headphone socket. Or use the tissue make a small folding or twist that would fit into that headphone socket. Leave it the tissue for a while and then try playing music or a video. You should be able to hear to the music with the volume.

Step 3:
After you have done those simple steps and the ringer plays, means the issue is fixed.

There is another way to try if the above procedure didn't work;

Step 1:
Go to your sound settings, and played random ringer tones. While doing so turned the volume up and down multiple times. This might turn the settings back from headphone mode to volume.

(This procedure didn't work for me) That's why cleaning your headphone socket might be the first things you should do, if your iPhone stuck in headphone mode.

I hope through this simple and quick procedure it helps resolve the issue.

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