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Opening the Balikbayan Boxes

Before we arrived in Gensan for our 2 months vacation, the 3 boxes that I have shipped before were already been sitting there for at least months. I’m glad they didn’t opened it yet as I need to figured out who things belongs too.

Of course, they seat on it or put stuff on top of it, but it is fine because I see no damage nor tear in the box that would trigger the rats or insects to stay and eat the items that was in it.

It was very nice to see that the box inspite of the fact that it doesn’t look as brand new due to that lifting and stocking, it is fully intact and no tear or whatsoever. I wrapped the boxes with tape as much as I can to prevent from getting wet as well. That’s the best thing to do. For something that would travel for 2 months and a half and to ensure that all your stuff is not broken, or opened or damage. We need to make sure the way we packed our stuff as well.

It was fun to opened the boxes, I make sure that every single one of the family, friends and relatives will be able to received gift from my family. They even have more than expected.

I am not sure if I was able to grabbed a quick photo of what the boxes looked like before we opened it. I choose the day and time when there was less people in the house so it wouldn’t be too much chaotic.

Warning: If you put glass into your box, please make sure that you have it wrapped with some bubble wrap or clothes. You don’t want to end up just like what I experienced.

Other than that, my experience and the joy to see every single one of my family is inevitable. The joy to give and to share my blessings to others. 

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