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Something so shared about...

What have I done? It seems like, I have not given too much attention in all of my blogs and this is the sad part when you can’t truly handle everything at once. As I mentioned to my previous entry in one of my blog, I have already fully managing the couponing and the part time working to a Filipina Online Shop. Not to mention, I am also busy hunting for more free items and sell them to earn profit and I have been setting all these 4 blogs asides.

I have so many entries to complete, and yet not were started. Maybe I have to encourage myself to create and finished 1 entry per day in order to have my blogs going.

I needed more advertisers too, but how can I possibly gain them back, if I have no new and updated entry posting in my blogs?

Oh the dilemma of having so many things to do. However, whatever happened family comes first. All these things will never be treasured but family will be.

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