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Preparing for the Church Wedding

Is not easier than you think.....

Wedding preparation is not as easy as we think it is. Also it depends on how mysterious or simple your Day would be to remember. I choose mine to be simple yet elegant. I don’t need to spend too much over something as long as the memory remains about the wedding is what I thought the first time, I planned our 9 years.

The date we wanted is never going to happen, because our Civil Wedding Date was September and we need to be back in the U.S.A before that due to the upcoming school. Also, I need to attend to my niece’s schooling application so she will be able to get into the school without repeating Junior High School.

Anyways, I have already gathered the requirements, my Mother and our Family Friend assisted as well to submit them and to be able for me to get a chance to have a Couples Seminar and Confession with the Priest.

All I need to do when I went to the convent is to sign and submit as well as to finalize the date and of course they need fees for these transactions.  The Sponsors are all set; thanks to my Mother’s Friend list and newly found friends everything was all smooth.

I make sure to have a reception that would cater the exclusive counts I wanted for our wedding. Yes! I don’t like to have a very huge crowd as well. I want it simple, memorable and elegant. While confirming the entire list in my entourage and my major Sponsors I was also busy preparing my own Wedding Invitation.

I have all equipment ready and picked in the US and all I need to do is to print the final list and to decorate a little. Everything is set, from the Venue, to the Time of the Event up to the distribution of the Wedding Invitations. I have prepared it less stress. Of course, I’m grateful for the help of my family to make it even quicker.

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