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Island Hopping 2017with the In-Laws…

This would be our second time to go on an Island Hopping at Samar Island in Davao City. I’m static as this time everyone who hasn’t come along last 2007 finally has the chance to come and join.

Anyways, it was after the wedding when everyone gets ready for an hour and a half drive to Davao City. Of course, everyone is very tired of the Big Event (our Renewal), however, we have to geared up to be able to be at our destination on time. We already paid half part of the fee, so we need to make sure that we spent most of our time in the boat to visit these islands and to explore.

Called mother dear and through her, everyone back home is set. Everyone’s up and we headed our way. It was a fun road trip, shows what Filipino’s life behind all those beautiful spots and sceneries as we passed them by. And every country has own sad side which is “poverty”. Nevertheless, that didn’t affect us, as that’s what life is all about.

After all, those traffic and mini stopover, we finally arrived in our target, we need to finish some registrations as it is mandated to register all names in the logbook and walk towards the boat. Along with my in-laws, they were the spotlight of everyone’s eyes. I’m sure they will be fine in Davao as it’s the safest City in the Philippines; however, we didn’t rely on it and make sure that they feel secure.

Walked towards the big boat in which everyone is amazed, we didn’t know that it was that big for everyone. I don’t think there were 30 or more of us riding. The whole family is complete along with each immediate family.

I’m very confident with the WIND AND WAVE DAVAO; so far they never seem to fail me. They have packages and island hopping prices online if in any case, you wanted to plan for a trip.

We tried to get parasailing services that day, unfortunately, since we went during the weekend the parasailing services and the scuba diving were fully booked that day. If I should have known, I should have told them before when I was on the phone with them that we will get these services. And so, everyone was thwarted of not being able to do it. Scuba Diving I think they said something about being there earlier than expected because of some simple and quick training someone needs to do. Again, we don’t want to miss everything so we passed those services and just proceeded with the Island hopping the entire day.

It was indeed a long day, stopped by most of the islands in the itinerary we did boodle fight (not the kind that you’re hurting each other, it’s another term of eating together with all the food laid on a banana leaf).

Everyone in the boat enjoyed the tour, amazed and creates more memories to cherish. And we did lots of swimming that most of us were very tired afterward. 

When we have a chance to go visit the Philippines again, we will definitely going to do Island Hopping again.

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