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Been Stress Lately

Stress....Yes...i've been stressed up work...gee..i can't imagine i am experiencing this kind of feelings... There are lots of priorities and urgent to do...just because my boss is not at work tomorrow...she'll be going to an official business, if you've seen my table papers are everywhere. I dont have any alternatives not to be stressed up...because no matter what i do, my boss makes me go crazy with paper works, normailly, i can't do nothing to stop her, because its the nature of a job i have.

This sounds crazy, but its what i've paid for...I can't go out malling because my mind is too tired, and i needed some rest, i can't even refresh my mind before getting to bed at night...oh well, soon i'll be used to this and get over with all of this stress...

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  1. you definitely need to rest. you sound awfully tired. is everything doing well? i can only give you my prayers and virtual huggles!
    love you gf!


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