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I'm reading Harry Potter book 6

I'm done reading with the Harry Potter book 5 - Goblet of fire...It was tremendous..i even got dreams included in the character..hahaha...funny but it's what i dream everytime i read before i sleep at night..that's my only time to read...i enjoy it also, though its very impossible to happen it for real...i know not only me who experience such things..but mostly especially those who are obsessed...and now i'm done with it...Now the half-blood prince..though its not exciting as before...i already know who died in the book 6...too bad..but hey..i need to read the whole story...i just can't conclude it? there are lots of sceneries to know and imagination..who knows..i might get dream again to be in one of the characters..hahahaha....


  1. hugs!
    Finally your blogpost is bookmarked! it's nice to see you have recent entries, keep them coming! HP 6 is okay, just that dumbledore died :(

    I love you gf!

  2. thanks lyn...your the only person who keeps on giving me comments...ahahaha...i'm glad i have you..what would i do with your in my world? loves you too...


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