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I've planned to watch this amazing movie, and i just did it lastnight with my friend Mistica. The movie is really awesome, with all the effects, computer technology would probably make anything go visible. Dinosaurs...and a giant APE? if you are totally looking it in reality... i wish i could be in that world, scary but full of life does need more adveturous things...

Not only that, A LOVE doesn't really matter of what kind of person u are. It was been reflected there [message] that LOVE could really do anything. Kingkong is a beast, the greates and the strongest, but who just controlled him? the beautiful lady where i could possibly know he liked... see, the lesson there is very obvious. If u love someone no matter what kind are u, prove it. U wont lose anything, but at least u have showed it to that person whom u loved/liked.

I just want to shared how great to watched it and the lesson on itm its how i interpret it...u will not regret if after u've seen that movie.

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