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9 mornings

December 16, 2005 is the first day of the 9 morning masses. Its like 4:30am until 6:00am, is what we called here " Misa De Gallo" is a spanish term i guess. If u wanted to have 3 wishes, u need to attend the 9 masses. In order for your wishes to come true. And whatever beliefs we have "filipinos" i don't care, I have tried doing this before and it really went come true. I just can't share it. It may 5th day today, and I just can't wait to finish this masses. And granted my wishes. Well anyway, i have really 3 wishes to accomplish this year. And hopefully that it will be granted on the next year. I have enjoyed going to early masses, different people shares in every day. Its like you have devoted something on it, that you really sacrificing for this. It's what we have here in Philippines, I guess there aren't like this in other country. They even spend christmas very differently like ours. No matter what, there is only one thing we have to remember "give love on christmas day" so for those people whom i've hurt before and now, I am asking for my apology. You may not forgive me, but I will forgive u for not forgiving me....charto!...

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