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P a R t i E s

December here in Philippines and in other countries are often having parties in company, family, relatives, even in friends. We do love December holidays...its the time we celebrate and give more time to those people whom we cared so much...even our enemies if they are. Its time for us to reunite again and forget of all those hatreds. I've been into lots of parties now..and i dont like it..why??? because i get tempted easily with lots of delicious foods. I can't resist them calling me to eat them, now i'm getting bolder and i haven't gone back into gym recently. huhuhuhu.... I need to control eating and go on diet, but its too hard, eating is just one of my interest...hahahha... probably after this season, I'll be able to go to my normal diet again. Stress and everything could probably also help me to lose some weights.

I've got pictures taken during our Institutional Party last December 21, 2005. Everyone enjoyed the party, and have lots of fun... Its really nice to have christmas in your life all the time....

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