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My BaBiEs

Vyne and ME
"with all the sinampay behind....during christmas"

Lance and Me

Harvey and ME "during christmas day...what a face aloy.."

Recently, i'm scanning my computer here at work and find out some pictures with my babies "pamangkin". I dont have my own yet, but hopefully i'll showing everyone what my baby look like...if there is ...hahahaha.... I just love to babysit, as if i'm going back to my childhood days. And the feeling when ur with them is great, I mean you dont have to think with your problems because you are having a good time with them. All you think about is them, if they are comfortable and okay playing with you. Although sometimes, there are instances that babies are soooo frustrating, but inspite of those things, when they got to smile at you...Boom! everything is gone, all those tireful hours that you've been suffering from them, will unlished and your feeling will be light. Those people who loves babies definitely know what i'm babbling here...hehehehe... below are pictures i took with them...

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