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U p D a T e S that i missed to tell you...

I have no time recently updating my blog its because of the season that i've been busy hell with some stuffs at work, I couldn't think which are urgents from none. OHHH..this is a challenge multi-tasking work, which is pretty much great inorder for me to enhance this "gift?" but it sucks... My weakness? Damn! I can't say NO especially when it comes to WORK... I'll keep on yes and yes and more yes... I just can't and no guts to say i won't do it, or your too much and your abusing me ... I dont know, maybe I'm just too good not to hurt and fail someone's feelings, but in the end, I suffered all the consequences. Inspite of that, i'm still happy, I make people happy and that sometimes relieved what I have felt towards them, when I "heard" them that they do appreciate what i did...sounds funny and a good thing. However, I still didn't forget to update this site for my amigas and amigos...sunod mga sulom napud ha...hehehehe

From December until New Year - I have a great time with my family, seen old friends, give gifts to my mga ina-anak, have fun with my folks, although I still have 4 days to work..OT but, work do really needs me.

January 3: Back to work, clean continue what works i left before holidays.

January 4: The day we are waiting for, our schedule date for dubai interview. Tense and everything because we dont have any idea what's their strategy in the interview. But, all were just unlished when we have only 4 minutes interview and through YM? at least, we didnt get to extract too much money on this, just incase nothing happen. Yes, people I am planning to LEAVE GenSan for GOOD.

January 5: Back to work. Still being busy at work wasn't fading yet, but I'm thankful mistica is around and when i needed someone to go with me somewhere to relieve some stress in mind, she's always there, and because of her, i gain too much weight, thanks for the company girl. Its also my lucky day, I won into those 12th monthly raffle draw at KCC...hahahaha..i owe mistica a php100 becoz i told her, if i got won i'll give her a balato. and i did...we are excited to take my price..unfortunately i lose the stab, and i have to get an affidavit of lost and it would take like 60days to claim, nakakawalang gana...

January 6: My computer were envayed, so i dont have anyone. i went to the other office so i could use one and so i could continue what i am doing, i never went back to the office until 5:30pm.... hahahaha...

January 8: I have a date with Mam Sunglao, she's one of my close admin friend when she's still working at school. And we kept on watching love-comedy movies. She's fun, nice and very kind person i've met. And we scheduled to watched "just like heaven" love - comedy story. I had fun, i kept on laughing out loud inside the cinema, i dont care as long as i'm happy and i enjoyed. Such a good movie, i love mark ruffalo... Met twinkle and Tarryn, ate at Mc-Donald...then went home to visit my nephew's graveyard... miss him again... *sigh*

So, until in the present...i'm still B U S Y I'll just update sometime here... Pagbigyan, may na lang dako matabang nako nila and men, they need my help.

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