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I don't know


I am confused lately about me, my status at work, my ability. As if I am not gaining more knowledge with a routinary work. My normal days at work is back, and I'm not that busy like rushing some paper works, deadlines, and finally my table is well arrange now. I've been trying to apply into another kind of job, another field, and another environment. But the problem is in ME, i don't have self-esteem, and confidence. When I look at all things and wanted to this and that? suddenly..., something came up like, you still lose/fail in the end. Why can't I be like others? with full of guts, witty...Too bad i know, and i must have to change this to be able to fulfill what I've been wanted to achieve., I'm trying to stand up and be brave. Hopefully, I will strive with this one, and will finally find a new job.



  1. Novs,as women, we often define ourselves by our accomplishments or our relationships. pero those things do not last. When we lose our job, our mates, feeling frustrated @work or someone special fail us or leave us, we feel like..our lives our falling apart, then our identities crumble. Pero if we define our true identity by who we are in Christ, by who God tells us we are, then we are unshakeable. Then no matter what happens in your life, you know who u are and u can face whatever comes your way :) Just hang in there. :) Patience..patience hehe! Don't say why can't you like others--cuz it's not healthy. Loves you :)

  2. Hi redbutterfly,

    Do not feel dejected... Somebody once told me - "Life is a bed of roses. To get to those wonderful roses, you first gotta travel the thorny ways of dejection, confusion and pain..."

    You said "I am confused lately about me, my status at work, my ability.", but who is it that is completely happy with whatever he/she does, its about moving on, gaining strength from whatever we do...

    Its great that you want something different... Thirst for life is the best way to start anew.

    There is always a time in life when you feel, nothing is going right for you and that the universe is conspiring against you. I have heard, women are stronger than men at heart and keep believing in your heart and what it says, coz that is what will ultimately make you reach your destiny. Brain is a tool, but heart is the way.

    Persist and you will suceed..

    Love & prayers... Raghu


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