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Marist Mission Partner's Day


Yearly, we are celebrating this partner's day to build bonding and work for a quality education of the individual. We have activity for this day, to enhance the relationship between administration, faculty, staff and maintenance. This is a time to gather, and keep all employees in one event, everyone is equal. A mass was conducted at the beginning of the activity. And there were shirt codings to identify the faculty, support service personnel and IBED, faculty have the RED, SSP have WHITE and IBED is recognized with their NEON GREEN shirts. The whole day activity were filled with laughter because of the participation of Mr. John Paul Espino. With his humorous ways to get the attention of every personnel that day was such a very amazing talent. You could see the happiness in every eyes of the employees that they were really having fun. Inspite of all the busy days at works, coping up deadlines and etc... still they have time to smile. There were parlor games namely: Basketball, fishing, small balloons where i joined and we took the first place, takyan kamay and puzzle guess who, i tried my best to help Michelle with the puzzle because she were blind folded, unfortunately I never thought that there were lots of people who've been gifted having higher pitch than me, and yes she's confused and we did lost the game... too bad. I'm totally full of fun and laughter, they have this "bingo sosyal" dah...i've seen the winning pattern? lisod murag pahurot anay isa ka card bago ka makadaog. But without expectation, i am holding Christel's card and I've won...yehey!!! we've got a grocery worth php500..hehehehe....

well, until then..I still need to edit something with my new design..and thanks to Wella she did some of the works you girl


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