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Overnight Seminar

I went out for lunch with Mistica, I'm supposed to be in Davao City with Mistica and our Celebrant Wella, unfortunately something came up with Mistica and her mother lastnight so we decided not to leave since its something that would stop us from travelling to Davao. I texted Wella and informed her about not coming, again. I know I have upset alot of my friends lately and I know I can named them. I'm really sorry for everything, I'll make it up to you as soon I have the perfect time. Anyway, I decided to invite Mistica for a lunch at KCC Mall and we did. After the lunch, we headed to Movie Theather and watched "X-Men" such a great movie, although I was upset because my favorite character "Rouge" isn't what I expected. Well, she's too good in the cartoon series but I dont see it in the movie... oh well, its a crap!!! but its totally good.
My boyfriend-RonBrown, is promoted to a higher position, I'm so happy and proud of him, inspite that he thinks I'm not happy for what he achieved. Well, here I am posting and announcing your victory. I know he really dont like me posting and announcing to the world about my life, but this is what I love besides I did not hide anything to him and to my friends. He'll be in Utah for 3 weeks for a training then be back in Vegas after. Long distance relationship is a very difficult and hard for lovers, inorder to survive into this loneliness and prove the love of each other? there must me TRUST, UNDERSTANDING, LOYAL and PATIENCE... I'm not sure but I guess all should be developed in each.
Last week, I've been into an overnight Seminar at Tonex Farm, Lake Sebu, 2-3 hours travel from where I live. All staff of my company for a personality development. The place is nice I love taking pictures although we've been here for our last seminar lastyear. A cool place for relaxing and a piece and quiet area too...

this are the place I captured while on our way to the Falls

sige gihapon masking nalubong na ang sakyanan...

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