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I woke up around 9:00am this sunday. And its the first time "janice" were not around, so it's my time to clean the place. Don't have much laundry because I do managed my own language. Yes folks! I don't have to care for my brother's dirty clothes because they have big bodies where they can handle themselves. My chores is to cook and to clean the house, were men - "pinoy" don't mostly do. Electricity went out so its too hot inside the house, after cleaning..I decided to text Mistica, and invited her to watched "Da Vinci Code" I've got this all curiousity about this code since I have not read his book. And its worth satisfying though after we've watched I said to myself like: what i've seen doesn't matter at all, because I know and I have this strong faith that what is written there is all facts and fictions" after the movie. We went to the Electroworld to look for something I can put to my computer, I've got a new speaker for my CD MAN. Went home and started to clean my room. I have to re-arranged and clean everything like this would be my room now, and I'll be the one to occupy all of this. . .

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