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Why it is so hurt to be left

Just today [May 20th] Janice, [our adopted since she was in Elementary] depart to manila. To joined her family there. She's been living with us for 10 years, and we both treated her like our sister, our family. I'm just gonna miss her that much because I'm sure she's not gonna coming back and stayed for that long, she needs to move on. And that's what life is all about moving on inorder for us to grow. Memories will remain, things when she's around would be left for us. So, when she leave the house because I cannot go with her at the Pier, I could not stop myself from the loneliness but instead I dont want to hide it, I cried and texted her and thanking her for everything she had done with us. Things will never be the same like before anymore, things need to change, that's life. Wherever she maybe go, I'm sure what we have taught her the good values and that's the only thing we can share with her. If ever you've read this, good luck and God Bless..
Urgghhh.... Kamingaw na jud, i dont really like the feeling at all... This is i really dont like when someone is leaving for good, i dont like the feeling of being left, so, why is it really hurt when someone left?

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