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Summer Festival

Summer Festival, its one of the day NDDC studenst loves during Summer Class. They have this oneday celebration and it will be held on London Beach Resort, it would become exclusive for NDDC personnel and students only. Students were having great time. Faculty's were also have to be there too in order for the celebration to be complete. Personnel Support Service were only invited "those who are interested to come" for just like 3 hours. That sucks! but inspite of that i took some pictures from the feast, and although I stayed there for like 3 hours, I still could feel the Summer and seen the enjoyment of each students.

These are the pictures I took:
I love the water

This is what summer looks like here.... kamatayon mga kahoy

they've got band played under the hit of the sun....

Michelle and Me were strolling all the cottage in order for us to feel the summer

Christel doesn't know I took her a stolen shot!

And same with this people at the back...hala! sige mga nanay lamon...

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